Oz Comic Con The Movie | PG | Documentary | 2017 | by EJsFilms.com -


Oz Comic Con The Movie | PG | Documentary | 2017 | by EJsFilms.com
Oz Comic Con The Movie will take you on an epic adventure
full of entertainment, cosplaying, comic's and art.
officially filmed by EJsFilms|EJsFilms.com

2D: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H2l8mvQDW0M 
3D: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHualbxeF-A 

Watch Full Movie Here:
2D: http://ondemand.ejsfilms.com/ppv.html?id=68522
3D: http://ondemand.ejsfilms.com/ppv.html?id=68523

Playtime: 2 Hours 6 Minuets approx
stream size: 1.3GB approx
Format: FullHD
Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound
Genre: Documentary
Rated: PG
Year: 2017

Edward Jeffries

Camera Operator
Edward Jeffries

Camera Assistant
Celina Bajtek

Stereoscopics & Visual Effects editor
Edward Jeffries

Guest Appearances:
Sam Tutty - Snake
Kahlia Tutty - EVA
Chloe - Rick Grimes
Darren - Carl Grimes
Adrian - Negan
Jacinta - Maggie Greene
Selena - Daryl Dixon
Lachlan Close - Vivek
Liam Farley - Ren
Alan Li - The Force
Timmy Fung - The Force
Andrew Oakeshott - UNIT
Allison Lowe - 4th Doctor
Kate Mandalov - Star Trek Yeoman
Jessa Kloeden - Flandre Scarlet
Monique Zacher - Captain America
Kyle McAuliffe - The Winter Soldier
Jo Fallows - Steampunk
Kat Ingram - Steampunk
Isobel Norris - Steampunk
Anthony chammas - Bat man
Chloe Holden-longin - Bat woman
James Murray - Scarecrow
Zeke Popovic - Dean Winchester in Car
Tristan Grieson - Army man
Nathan Craill - Resident evil
Stephanie Read - Kitty
Daniel Bahr - Deathstroke
Tomas-jae Morgan - Dr Strange
Tom Gordon - Resident evil
Bianca Pauley - Korra
Amber Pauley - Korra
Oliver Pauley - Kylo Ren
Sienna Pauley - Sailor Moon
Grace Bateman - Harley Quinn
Jonathon Hanna - Deadpool
Conor Blatchford - Deadpool
Kyle Galdes - Goku
Alycia Rabig - Rapunzel
Peter Muegge - Tinkerbell
Todd Kohl - Snow White
Catherine Page - Daelish Elf
David Stevens - Railway Driver/Steam Punk 
Katharina Letheby - Harley Quinn
Scott Ayton - Joker
Ashleigh Pilgrim - Firebender
Jaye Bradshaw - Earthbender
Jamaika Nairn - Madam Gorski
Violet Summer - Babydoll
Theo Perry - Girl
Scott Woolcock - TV
Jess Wilson - Luigi
Natalie Wilson - Mario
Andrew Rae - Lemongrab
Christopher Toft - Goku
Lucy Walloscheck - Post Apocalyptic Girl
Aislynn Mary - Post Apocalyptic Girl
Mackenzie James -Doctor
Nikki Johnson - Donna
Caitlin Campbell - Daenerys
Kimberly Campbell - Belle
Shannon Campbell - Harry Potter
Jaden Whitaker - Jay the ninja Assassin
Ashley Andresen - Necromancer
Cameron Pyne - Undead Minion
Matt Paxton - Orc
Ronnie Ware - Cultist
Adam Lonsdale - Stop dude
Saskia De Muir - Darth Vader Darleks
Troy Dunne - Mario
James Bromell - Luigi
Bridget Howe - Colonel Sheppard
Aaron Douglas - Ando
Rachael Howe - Trigeress
Rachel Bramford - Ruffnut Thorston
Logan Myers - Tuffnut Thorston
Helen Barnes - Australian Daleks
Karen Carlisle - Steampunk
David Carlisle - Steampunk
Matteo Medos - Captain Jack Ghostbuster
Michaela Flynn - Blue Yip-Yip Martian
Alishiera - Oz comic Con Presenter
Tim Nicholas - Oz comic Con Presenter
Justine Gaudreau-Fewster - Oz comic Con Presenter
Dustin Wilson - Oz comic Con Presenter

Music By:
The Stars of Orion

All Rights to this Production belong to
EJsFilms | www.EJsFilms.com
© 2017 EJsFilms™ All Rights Reserved ®



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